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The Curious Mind of Serena


Not long ago I visited my Christian friend in her home , I was welcomed by her 3 year old niece ( Serena) who according to my friend does not say hello to everyone . We talked and ate and I started to play with Srlena and 20 minutes later we were best of friends – so to speak . A few minutes later , she comes up to me and asks me ” What is that thing on your head ?” pointing to my veil with amusement . I laughed and suddenly my brain froze , how was I supposed to explain the veil to a 3 year old who had just seen it for the first time ? I started with the ” God tells me to wear my veil ” and I could  see confusion in her eyes – who was I kidding , how could she possibly understand , then I told her  ” Well you see my hair is so long that I need to wear this so that it doesn’t fall . I started to make more  things up , and I could still see confusion. Selena asked a question and she wanted an answer . But little did I know that she already knew the answer .

After several failing attempts to explain the veil to her , Serena took my hand and walked me to the living room where there was a picture of her mom on her wedding day wearing the ” white veil ” that all brides wear . Selena looked at me and said ” You are like my mom , she is wearing a white veil and you are wearing a red veil ”  She looked at me and smiled and I knew she had understood and accepted me . Sometimes all it takes is a question and a small gesture of kindness because as we grow older we forget to ask and we are quick to judge .

Maintain a curious mind and you will live a life full of answers. Thank you Serena .

With all my prayers ,