Al Salamu Alykom ,

My name is Esraa Haidar and I started 7ijabi four years ago  in order to raise awareness about the discrimination that veiled women face in Lebanon specifically when looking for jobs. Inspired by my own personal experience I began sharing my stories of how wearing the hijab in a country where hijab is rather common was not as easy as it seemed and quickly realized that I was not alone in my struggles for equality and fighting stereotypes.

As I began blogging I also began to learn that a lot people in my community were simply looking for answers about hijab and had no one to ask or were to afraid to start such a discussion. 7ijabi answered those questions, began the discussions and offered readers a space to tackle hijabi realted issues and much more.

Since then 7ijabi has grown tremendously and no longer is it a blog  that fights stereotypes about veiled women in Lebanon instead it has become a  platform to empower women and share their stories wherever they are in the world. I have had the honor of speaking at Lebanese and international conferences and listening to other women and men who have faced discrimination and this has been my biggest motivator to speak up and expand 7ijabi even further.

7ijabi is not an exclusive blog for Muslim women, or women who wear the hijab. On the contrary if anything the goal of launching 7ijabi was to remove the barriers that keep us distanced from one another and to share the stories that bring us closer as human beings.

I hope you enjoy the stories on the blog and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to check out 7ijabi.

Esraa Haiadr


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