Impossible vs I’m Possible


Since this is my last post for the year 2012 I wanted to share with you one of the most important lessons I have learned throughout this year:  ” If we want to see change we must be part of the process, we must be involved in bringing out the change we want to see”.

If we want the laws that we see as unjust to change, protesting against these laws should not be our only option, instead we must strive to become lawyers and law makers in order to change the system from the inside rather than being observers  and waiting for others to take action. If we want to improve the healthcare system we must become doctors and healthcare professionals. If we want to break stereotypes about women in the work place there needs to be active women in the workplace to do so.

For years I thought to my self that if I want something to change I must go speak to the officials but the idea of me being an official was never an option and I am sure this is the case for a lot of other people. We choose to sit on the side and watch things happen in front of us believing that we are incapable because that is just the way things have been. This past year I fought discrimination and stereotypes by being involved, by speaking at international and and local conferences, by writing and by spreading the word. This past year I decided to stop sitting on the bench and to move and I hope that through my posts I have inspired you to move as well and to realize that nothing is impossible. I wish all of you a wonderful year ahead full of nothing but happiness, joy and new possibilities!


I'm  possible




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  1. Wow well said . Very eloquent and true . But most of all , very necessary and urgent for us to think of doing and being rather then complaining and criticizing .

  2. Esraa, I only want to add that I hope young parents have the courage to expect and ask for a different approach to education that encourages children to inquire and use their knowledge to take action to improve their surroundings and heir communities. Even the youngest children are capable of contributing to society–no need to wait to grow up! You are awesome woman!! Best, dr. Marj

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