The Truth Outside


I  have heard this sentence over and over again , I have even used it my self throughout my life;  ” Its because I am veiled that I was rejected from the job , or was not accepted , or did not win ” . As humans we are always looking for some explanation of why things happen , we need justification , we need answers , yet rarely do we really grasp the true reason to why things happen and we choose to overlook the obvious and focus on reasons that make us feel better .

Like any person  looking for a job , I faced a lot of rejections and I would quickly rush to the conclusion that I was rejected because I was veiled. It never crossed my mind that maybe it was because I was not qualified or did not meet the criteria , instead I needed an answer that I liked, an answer where I was the victim , I was victimizing my self !

It took me a while to realize that I had been blaming the veil for all the failures in my life . I realized this when I started this blog and it made me think of all the moments where I had judged others decisions and I thought of all the people whom I claimed to be mean or unfair when in reality I was the one that was being unfair to my self  ” I am not perfect ,  I am not always  the best , I was not qualified and needed more training, there really was someone more competent than me ” all of these are all truths which I have come to realize over the years.

The moment we  decide to be honest to ourselves is the moment we begin to change . When I stopped victimizing my self opportunities started heading my way  and I started to understand that sometimes we live in our own little comfortable world with our own ideas because we fear the scary truth that is outside . The truth that tells us that we need to work harder to succeed in life , the truth that tells us that there is good in people even if we choose to ignore it . These are truths which I have come to learn but the most important truth of all is that we need to be honest to ourselves at all times no matter how hard that truth may be.


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  1. :)))
    As-salam wa Alaykom Esraa 🙂
    nice post…always be honest to yourself,it’s a human value that lead to many discoveries…well today I discovered you blog 🙂

  2. WORD!! Your post sums very much up what it’s all about. If you are feeling uncomfortable and victimized, others tend to percieve you that way too.
    salams from a swedish hijabi sister. Keep up the good work!

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