What will I wear toady ?


Fashion and clothing have always been of utmost interest for any girl , some girls are more concerned with their appearance than others  and the constant dilemma of ” what will I wear today ” is something we have all gone through . Over the years veiled women from across the world have portrayed different styles of how a veiled women should dress.  We have seen the conservative , the tight , the short , the colored and the black forms of clothing and  having been raised in different cultures I have had the opportunity of observing them all  which has tremendously shaped the way I see and understand Islamic clothing.

The most important question I have to ask my self when going shopping is whether the garment I am purchasing is  among Islamic standards or not . By Islamic standards the clothes need to be of certain length ( below the knee ) , they can’t be tight and most importantly they cant be all glittery and shiny and they need to cover all of the body of course.   Now this may seem like an impossible list of conditions for some and a lot of veiled girls have decided to create their own style that ignores some of these rules. I have to confess that I have disobeyed the rules from time to time especially in my teenage years but since then I have tried my best to abide by what is considered Islamic attire.

I am writing this post not to judge anyone but to showcase that the veil is much more than a piece of cloth on our heads . If I am veiled with full make-up and tight clothes am I really veiled ? Being veiled means that you have taken a decision between you and your self to fully submit and the entire purpose of the veil is to provide a woman with ” 7ishma” decency and ignoring the way we dress contradicts the veil on our heads . A few years ago when Islamic fashion was still young it was frustrating  to see girls dressing up and wearing nice clothes when we the veiled ones had limited choices . But today this scene has changed dramatically and there are specialized shops to meet our everlasting fashion desires and we now have more choices than unveiled women. Never the less  it is not an easy decision to abide by Islamic clothing standards and doing so requires a lot strength and discipline . We  need to be conscious of the decisions we make , we need to understand why is it we do things the way we do and most importantly we need to argue and ask questions to fully understand the decisions we make.

When I was young I fought with my mom so many times because I wanted to wear something which she thought was not Islamic enough . I once decided to go against her will and went out wearing a pair of jeans and a tight shirt ( I was 12) I remember that she did not scream at me instead she told me that If I walked out of the house I was not going to be veiled even if the veil was on my head . I went out and I felt horrible and on that day I realized what a ” Complete Veil ” is .

Veiled woman can be elegant and decent , it is only a matter of choice and over the years I have learned that the question” What will I wear today ” is much deeper than choosing a piece of clothes , it is choosing a piece of who we are as veiled woman as a whole.

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  1. I think we (Muslims) did not give the veil its right to get evolve by time (even our religious edicts evolved by time!!!), I am not against the veil, I totally support it but I do think that we are still not fair to the Islamic woman from various perspectives.

  2. السلام والتحية اليك ايتها الاخت المؤمنة الصابرة

    قرأت التدوين اليوم في جريدة السفير اللبنانية واحببت لاول مرة ان اكتب تعليقا لان الموضوع من أولوياتي الانسانية

    العجيب في هذا الزمن

    ان الدول التي تدعي الحرية والديمقراطية وتحفظ حرية الشخص في اختيار مذهبه وما يلبس وما لايلبس اصبحت في واقعها شعارات فضفاضة وانكشفت مؤخرا على سبيل المثال فرنسا بمنعها الحجاب وغيرها من الدول بمنع المنقبات بحجة الارهاب تارة وتارة بحجة اخرى

    أتقدم اليك بالتحية والاحترام وقبلة الى كل عقل انسان من ذكر او انثى لديه الجراة والثبات بالحفاظ على هويته ومعتقداته رغم كل قساوة الحياة التي ينهزم امامها الكثيرون بحجة العمل والرزق وما هي الا سوء ظن بالله تعالى

    اخوكم ( البحراني)

    Peace and salutation to thee her sister locked forbearing

    Read blogging today in the Lebanese newspaper As-Safir and thought for the first time to write a comment because the issue of my priorities humanity

    Strangely, this time

    The countries that claim to freedom and democracy and preserve the freedom to choose one’s doctrine and wears what because Ilbs become in reality slogans loose and exposed recently, for example, France preventing headscarves and other nations to prevent veiled pretext of terrorism sometimes and sometimes under the pretext of other

    I thee salute and respect and a kiss to each man’s mind of the male or female has the courage and fortitude to maintain its identity and beliefs in spite of all the cruelty of life that defeated in front of many people because of work and livelihood and what is not mistrust in God

    Your brother ( Bahrani)

  3. Israa miss you dear, it’s been a long time! I would like to make a point. I agree wd u 100%. Especially in the part where you mentioned the past and how it was either proper hijab or none at all! And I believe that is how it should be.. However, unfortunately, we live in a general society that does not allow personal freedom, and the expectations and norms of society come wayyy above religion and common sense. And this is what caused this trend. The new concept of hijab as a norm-regardless-of-belief in islamic societies caused many parents to just expect their girls to wear it, and whatever age the girl reached, whether believing in it or not, JUST KEEP IT ON. If the option of removing the hijab was not a taboo in our society, then it would be just the way it was before: either proper hijab, or those who dont like it, remove it until you do believe in it again. That taboo issue associated with actually removing it is what is causing this “fashionable hijab” to emerge, for if those girls where to remove their hijab, no one in society, including their own parents would forgive them (although the issue is purely between the gilr and her God, nothing to do with breaking moral decency). Thus, the girls tend to dress up fashionably and in tight clothes, contradicting the whole point and purity of hijab, but keeping the hijab on their head as a social obligation. I am currently studying in the UK, and here it is just the way it used to be a long time ago in Lebanon: either proper hijab, or no hijab. Our society needs to free itself from the judgmental attitude and pressuring others into norms in issues like religion which are very personal and harm no one, and that would allow true faith to shine when it is meant to. Thanks a lot my dear, and I truly love your blog!!

  4. Im not veiled but I’m loving your ideas, Im glad you’re giving this image about islam in a world where muslims themselves are having bad attitudes that are not related to what islam says(maybe bcz they r not getting proper education) and people are hearing words like fat7 l islam and getting this idea about muslims , I get angry sometimes on all what is happening muslims ( im included) are not working enough to change the people s ideas about us. By opening ur own work u did a gr8 job!! I hope u succeed and i hope I can change my attitudes a little and change people’s ideas as well 🙂

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