The Discipline of Ramadan


With Ramadan being less than week away , I thought of sharing with you how I approach this beautiful month and how I have come to understand its true essence . To me Ramadan encompasses so many meanings but the most profound lesson is Discipline . 

Discipline is a universal concept in sports, diets , businesses , healthcare, beauty and so much more . We make sure we are taking our medication on time to get better, we watch what we eat carefully to loose weight , we manage our clients and make sure we are providing them with the best service . We are disciplined and we have a system , a calendar and a notebook where we monitor our progress and measure our success. Without discipline we would be living haphazard lives and it is what structures everything for us .

Islam is a religion that teaches you  a concept in a beautiful way and  it allows the human to experience the extreme and the minimal application of any concept . Lets take prayer for example , we pray 5 times a day and yes this teaches us discipline but if we chose not to pray on time we would still be praying however the value of discipline is much less . Backbiting also requires a lot of discipline and at times we might create justifications to talk about people behind their back and hence there is a struggle with discipline and it is never being applied to its fullest .

The Holy Month of Ramadan is unique because it based on “complete discipline” and this is where we learn the most because it is during this month that we train ourselves to be more disciplined than the previous 11 months and we experience maximum discipline and only then can this concept truly be complete for us. If there was no Ramadan very few of us would have the ability or the will to be fully disciplined , we would probably ignore a few things here and there and this concept would always remain vague.

But Allah has granted us a gift , consider it a self development session where you are training yourself to explore new possibilities of what you are capable of.  The beauty of Ramadan is that without it our ability to advance and grow is limited. When we see what we can achieve in this Holy Month (and you might surprise yourself with all the changes you can make in your life in one month ) then and only then will you have faith in yourself that yes I can read more Quraan , I can wake up to pray the morning prayer, I can pray on time etc.

Ramadan pushes the boundaries , it is tough , it is a challenge but where would we be without it ? Most probably we would stay where we are .Progress and advancement are things we all aspire to achieve and Allah has given an entire a month of discipline and self exploration and I pray that he grants all of us the strength and will to have a life changing Ramadan this year.

Ramdan Kareem,


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