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Inspiration here and there


I always look for inspiration in my life , pictures, places, quotes , books that make me feel alive and make me think about the way I live . In my attempt to find inspiration I would always rush to the foreign magazines foreign books and foreign places , never did I consider my religion as a possible source of inspiration because it simply never crossed my mind. It was’t until I visited the Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul were  I realized that I had all the inspiration in the world with me the whole time, but I was too blind to see it . The mosque was simply beautiful , from architecture to design to calligraphy, everything in it was magical for me even though it was my 3rd visit. Spending the day there really made me pay attention to the small details that were evident every where I went.

The 4 hours I spent in that mosque made me realize how Islam was portrayed in an artistic way and it made think of other ways in which Islam was portrayed , the different veils Muslim women wear around the world , the font of the holy Quraan , the magnificent mosque domes. This really made me appreciate the little details that were present in my life , the details which I had overlooked and when I started asking about these details I was even more inspired .

I began a journey of discovering the inspirational Islam and  I treated it as an Gallery with masterpieces waiting to be discovered . I started learning about the architecture of mosques , the Arabic font and much more . I am still on that journey and the most important lesson I learned was that Islam was so rich with more than just religious duties and supplications , it was full of design , color and life .

Today I look at all the details surrounding me , the mosque in my village , the beads we carry after our prayer ( masba7a ) , the Quraan , everything fascinates me now and its all because I decided to see things from a different perspective .

If you find inspiration grab on to it and share it with others and let the world know what inspires you and  might end up inspiring the world .