Summer Time


As the summer season approaches I get asked a very common question ” Don’t you get hot wearing all those clothes ?” Having never experienced wearing short sleeves outside makes it much easier for me to answer this question . It is similar to someone who has never experienced eating chocolate , they don’t crave it because they have never tasted it . This said however does not mean that we as veiled woman do not wish we could just put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and go outside, I have asked my self what that experience would be like several times .

But what I want to share with you today is how I as Esraa understand and live with my veil during the summer season . Yes we do got hot , yes we cant wait to go home and take our veil off , but every morning when I wear my clothes I think what an amazing test we have to go through every single day and to be tested daily is essential for me because it really makes me reflect and think more often about my veil and my religion .

Imagine you had a test every other day , wouldn’t you put more effort to study and to improve your score? Maybe , some might choose to just forget about it and carry on . But for me being tested on the small details of my life has really made me more disciplined and has created a mechanism for me to always enjoy the little things in life,(especially the air condition which we as veiled women appreciate more than others ! )

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  1. Thank you Esraa for expressing our thoughts through these posts, its very true that our hijab is a daily test for us specially in summer. And what is also important is that this hijab protects us more and more from the eyes of bad people and gives us the elegance of being a princess that is hard to be reached through cheap channels, rather she could be reached upon only respect and appreciation!!

  2. As a new “mouhajabah”, people keep asking me why did i choose summer to wear the hijab ! ANd my reply in my thoughts would be , Id rather take this hot weather while I am alive, then taking it later.. in the afterlife πŸ™‚
    And that what make this hot weather endurable to me… It is not that hot afterall if you compared it respectively.

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