Thirty Nine


Being veiled is part of my identity , it is part of every veiled woman’s identity and we live in a country where this identity is threatened every single day . A veil is not an accessory, it is within us , it is part of us , it is not a bracelet or a necklace showcasing our religious beliefs it is our religious belief.

The truth is that  we are not treated equally and yes we do get rejected from jobs for being veiled . But on 21/3/2012 something alarming happened, the world was able to see this truth on T.V. and in Newspapers because 39 women were rejected from a governmental  job which they were qualified to do because of their veil .

What really matters in this story is not that they were discriminated against because of their veil rather it is the fact that  the story was able to reach the media and this is what truly makes  people think and ask questions. This is crucial in the formation of a public understanding of a controversial topic because only then will we as change-makers be able to act.

The Lebanese public is now aware that yes veiled woman do get discriminated even though this has been happening for years , we are now  more capable of speaking up and having a voice.

When I first the read the news article I knew that I should do something , I was so disturbed and I knew that it was time for change .  I will call these 39 women , I will blog, tweet, write , I will protest if I have to, even if I am on my own. Imagine what this job could have done for these 39 women , imagine their families and how their lives would have changed.

The true problem is not lack of jobs but lack of minds that are steering us away from a community that grows together towards a community that is destroying itself.


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  1. Dear Israa,
    What you have said is completely true. I am one of many who are discriminated against only for wearing a veil. However and sadly this story has another face. A face I really do not feel proud of.
    This incident was not about Hijab or Islam! Unfortunately it was about politics. These people tried to use this topic in order to pass rules by making the public busy with this issue. It is by law rejected that veiled women enter the army or security. This law is neither new nor right! I have tried to apply before to the same position as these 39 ladies. However, I was not given an application at the first place since the law rejects veiled women.
    I will not go into details on the real problem as it is political. I want to criticize the fact that these people used such a spiritual and delicate matter to “play” with political issues. These politicians have bumped into every ethical rule in life for their own benefits. What’s shocking is the media behind it. What ethics did these reporters abide to when they agreed to use OUR Veil in their war of political governance?
    A couple of years ago religion became an important trigger that these politicians use in order to pass laws, run for candidacy and manage partnerships.
    They forgot that these issues are sacred!

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