The Answer to my Prayers


The fact that we are consumed with our daily lives sometimes makes our religious duties part of our daily routine  and we stop enjoying them .They are tasks we must complete before a period of time  and sometimes we might feel that they are a burden . I have felt like this for quite a while and I have struggled in finding answers as to how do I integrate religion into my life ? This question puzzled me and little did I know that I was to find the answer very soon .

In an attempt to free my self from this mentality , I forced my self to put a religious schedule , listen to Islamic lectures etc . At first it was so exciting and gradually the routine would catch up to me and I would have to start all over again. It was really depressing , at days I would feel paralyzed and I would constantly pray to God ” Make me closer to you ” ” Please God make it easy for me to become more religious” .

In a point of my life where I was merely an ” Islamic Robot ”  I traveled to Iran- ( for those of you that do not know ,Iran is considered as a holy land , a place where the graves /shrines of the Holy Prophet’s Grandchildren lie ) going there is a big deal , it is almost as important as going to Mecca although it is not part of our Islamic obligations) .

Unfortunately my intentions at the beginning were not to free from my self from this religious dilemma , instead I was going for business. I was to complete my work, visit the Holy graves and come back . No religious agenda was planned , I was simply going.

The moment where you see the Holy Shrine in Iran , your heart aches and tears will flow on your face whether you are  religious or not there is something magnificent that happens. At that moment I knew that God had answered my prayer , I had not come to Iran for business, God was bringing me closer to him as I had requested from him for so long. I was there , this was my chance and I was determined to live this religious journey .

We had a Sheik with us and we had a religious program that we followed . It was exhausting yet beautiful and I was beginning to feel that spirituality I had been longing for for years. Praying with thousands of Muslims , reading Quraan with so many people , the humming sound of people praying god  that you hear as you enter the shrine brought warmth to my heart .

I left Iran after 7 days , I was on the road to change and in my final prayer at the Shrine, I realized that I had found the answer to my puzzling question ” How do I integrate religion into my life ? ” The answer was that you don’t , You integrate Your life into religion. Because that is how I was living for the past 7 days .

Religious journeys are not for Muslims or Christians or Sunni or Shiaa , they are for Humanity because we are born with questions and we are looking for reassurances, we are looking for Faith  . And if you are ever lost or in doubt pray to God and he will answer .

I was lost , I am still lost but I have found my key –  I pray to God that you find yours.

With all my love and Prayers ,



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  1. Inspiring and touching
    Inshallah one day you will experience Mecca in your journey and find the same feelings amplified…
    May every day be closer and closer to God
    Reagards & Salam

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