The Curious Mind of Serena


Not long ago I visited my Christian friend in her home , I was welcomed by her 3 year old niece ( Serena) who according to my friend does not say hello to everyone . We talked and ate and I started to play with Srlena and 20 minutes later we were best of friends – so to speak . A few minutes later , she comes up to me and asks me ” What is that thing on your head ?” pointing to my veil with amusement . I laughed and suddenly my brain froze , how was I supposed to explain the veil to a 3 year old who had just seen it for the first time ? I started with the ” God tells me to wear my veil ” and I could  see confusion in her eyes – who was I kidding , how could she possibly understand , then I told her  ” Well you see my hair is so long that I need to wear this so that it doesn’t fall . I started to make more  things up , and I could still see confusion. Selena asked a question and she wanted an answer . But little did I know that she already knew the answer .

After several failing attempts to explain the veil to her , Serena took my hand and walked me to the living room where there was a picture of her mom on her wedding day wearing the ” white veil ” that all brides wear . Selena looked at me and said ” You are like my mom , she is wearing a white veil and you are wearing a red veil ”  She looked at me and smiled and I knew she had understood and accepted me . Sometimes all it takes is a question and a small gesture of kindness because as we grow older we forget to ask and we are quick to judge .

Maintain a curious mind and you will live a life full of answers. Thank you Serena .

With all my prayers ,


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  1. Thank you Esraa for sharing your inspiring story,I wish the Lebanese society will have less discrimination and will be more open and interact with other cultures with an open mind without prejudices!
    Nolla Azar

  2. That’s a very interesting story Esraa… Now that you have been through the experience and probably thought about it well, how would you answer my 4 year old cousin when he asks you the same question?

    • That’s a tough one Ziad , I guess I would answer him by taking off my veil and showing him that I am like any other girl he is familiar with , I would then put it back on so that he sees that I am wearing it on again and that I am back to the person he saw at first . Making him realize that beneath the veil is someone he is accustomed to seeing ( an unveiled woman ) will make him understand the veil better I hope 🙂

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