Exploring the Unknown


My first job was as a sales woman here in Beirut . I was so excited , I had been looking for a job for quite a while and I was ready to start a new adventure . My employer was an Armenian and was a very social outgoing and interesting person . This was the first time I had met someone who was Armenian and I really wanted to learn about their culture, food , their beliefs but at the same time I wanted to stay professional and not ask too many questions . During my job interview with him we better understood each others cultures , since it was  a sales job this was necessary in order for him to know  what is acceptable for me and what was not .

I enjoyed working in this company and part of the job was driving to new places in Lebanon which was something I loved . My employer predicted that I would focus on areas I was familiar with ” my area” instead I went to ” his area ” I went to Asharfieh , Borj Hammoud , Sin il Fil , and started to sign contracts. It was such a wonderful cultural experience .

Sometimes we are taught to stay with our own people , work with those who are like you – but is that how we grow as human beings , is that how we truly become part of society . In the one year I worked in this company , I learned about different areas in Lebanon , I felt that that I was exposed to a totally new culture and I was sad that it had took me so long .

Put yourself in situations that you are not familiar with , explore the unknown . Get in your car and get lost in Beirut you never know where it might take you . I was once lost in Ashrafieh and stopped to ask an old man where to go , I pulled over and said ” 3afwan Haj ” then I fixed it up and said ” Pardon ” . He laughed  and said ” It seems you are not from around here ”

Explore the unknown and you will explore yourself !

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