The Confessions of a Veiled Woman


I started this blog to raise awareness about the discrimination that I as a veiled woman face. I thought I was targeting the general public but after two or three posts I witnessed  an amazing phenomena . While writing the posts  I realized how much I reflected and learned about my self and I realized that sometimes I was not practicing what I was preaching . And after my last blog I realized that sometimes I discriminate and judge people and I rarely pay attention . It was only until I started this blog that I truly realized that this was happening .

I have decided to take corrective action , and this post is just a beginning . It was very difficult for me to admit it , that yes sometimes I favor people because they are ” like me ”  . I realized this the most when I am part of a group , I immediately scan people to see  who it is I will get along with the most because of our religious similarities and I have always been wrong.

I would like to apologize from anyone whom I ever labeled , judged or discriminated against even if it is in the slightest way. For one it is unethical , not right and is simply something a veiled muslim woman should not do .

Islam and life have taught me to always have a good opinion about people  and I promise myslef from this day on to treat everyone equally , with love and respect and no discrimination .


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  1. You’re not alone. This is something we all do, because the familiar is less scary than the unfamiliar. We should all decide to take corrective action, as you say. And we should all take a moment to apologize, not only to others but also to ourselves. Our judgments of others reflect how hard we are on ourselves and also make us miss opportunities to learn about the unfamiliar and enrich our lives with diversity and relfection. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this and also for sharing the experience of being a veiled woman, something I am totally unfamiliar with, with me on your blog!

  2. it’s sad !!! very sad, i actually work in Marketing, PR in specific at an international agency, we are 13 different nationalities. Our management team includes, British, Indian, French.. in other word- expats & Christians! and I am a veiled girl! they respect me so much… it’s very sad to know that you are treated as an alien among your people!

    Esraa best of luck on your blog and business, a true talent can’t be hidden under a veil 🙂

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