Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Confessions of a Veiled Woman


I started this blog to raise awareness about the discrimination that I as a veiled woman face. I thought I was targeting the general public but after two or three posts I witnessed  an amazing phenomena . While writing the posts  I realized how much I reflected and learned about my self and I realized that sometimes I was not practicing what I was preaching . And after my last blog I realized that sometimes I discriminate and judge people and I rarely pay attention . It was only until I started this blog that I truly realized that this was happening .

I have decided to take corrective action , and this post is just a beginning . It was very difficult for me to admit it , that yes sometimes I favor people because they are ” like me ”  . I realized this the most when I am part of a group , I immediately scan people to see  who it is I will get along with the most because of our religious similarities and I have always been wrong.

I would like to apologize from anyone whom I ever labeled , judged or discriminated against even if it is in the slightest way. For one it is unethical , not right and is simply something a veiled muslim woman should not do .

Islam and life have taught me to always have a good opinion about people  and I promise myslef from this day on to treat everyone equally , with love and respect and no discrimination .