Sorry – I don’t Shake hands


 I was attending a conference in London back in 2010 , more than 15 nationalities were participating and I was excited to meet new people and to network  , and I did. I was so happy and comfortable with my self until a group of 3  men approached me and said hello , they all put out their hands and were waiting for me to shake their hands. I blushed and immediately put my hand on my chest and said ” I am sorry but I don’t shake hands with men ” . They immediately pulled their hands back and looked at me and said ” Why ” . In my entire life , this was the first time anyone had ever asked me why is it that I don’t shake hands . I looked at them and I was amazed because they were eager to learn about my culture and my rituals and I was happy to share it with them .

 We ended up talking for an hour and the 3 men became 15 and by the end of the conference when were saying our goodbyes , they all stood in one line and put their hands on their chest as if they were in the army and I was being saluted , they all looked at me and said ” Sorry , We don’t shake hands with women ” . I laughed and felt honored that I had met them .

These group of men that came from all around the world had the courage to ask , rather than judging or stereotyping , they simply asked ” why ” and that question enlightened them just like it might enlighten you if you simply ask why is that people do things the way they do .

“Why ” 3 letters that can change our perspective of people , so go out there and ask ” Why”

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